AwesomeCon 2024

Next up for conventions in the DC area: AwesomeCon!

March 8th-10th in DC, it is noticeably earlier in the year than the usual June-ish.

This is more based on Comics and American Pop Culture, there’s a good mix of anime gradually increasing.

I’m looking forward to adding Tifa to either Advent Children, Dissidia, or the Keyblade

She takes over after I was aiming for adding Rin to Final Fantasy X

Also looking forward to seeing Tom Welling again after I had worked with him in Pittsburgh.


Getting my Mar10 day posting in before I go to bed. Will do the rest of the recap later…

Had to share my pic with Mr. Mario himself at AwesomeCon 2021.

And the debut of Chef Mario at MAGFest last year.

“If you give an Alien Queen a cookie (so it doesn’t bite your face off…), you need to get it some milk…”


Got to meet Rachael Leigh Cook, voice of Tifa pre-Remake. My son wanted me to bring the Keyblade, but for now I went with Advent Children. Maybe if she shows to another local convention…

Will post these to the Nikke thread as well.

I gave him my 3D printed Doro, have a couple other ones to paint as well.

Emi Lo has been announced for Anime USA again. So going to give one of the Doros to Pinne…


So, in a restrained effort to be bolder, I’ve been complimenting women more. Got to pitch to this lovely Tifa, since I’m Good King Moggly Mog XII, “Have you seen Army of Darkness or History of the World, Part 1?”

hail GIF

Imgur: The magic of the Internet


And got to meet up with Bryce Papenbrook and Tom Welling. Both asked how my son was doing since I got to introduce them to him.