Manga/Anime Artists You Admire

There are several artists that I follow strictly for their style. The content of their material really is secondary to me, although I usually enjoy that too. My Top Artists are:

Milk Morinaga - I love her super clean lines and sharpness of her drawings
Eiji Masuda - This style isn’t for everyone, with it’s exaggerated faces, but I enjoy that difference. “Actually, I Am…” changed the the style for something a bit more traditional in the anime adaptation and I think it hurt the series.

I’ll read anything from these artists and a few more. What about you?

  • Satoshi Kon: Every anime he worked on is an absolute masterpiece, and it saddens me that he had an early death, he had so much to give.
  • Hideaki Anno: Love his work on Evangelion and FLCL. I think he changed the game when it comes to anime for mature audiences.
  • Kentaro Miura: What can I say about him that hasn’t been said before, incredible artist, incredible story.