Otaku Box and Forum Support General!

This is gonna be an all encompassing topic for all questions regarding The Otaku Box or The Community Forum in general.

If you have questions, concerns, etc. please post them here! No need to have multiple topics by users covering the same thing.

If any of us mods or other users can answer your questions, we will do so. If we are not able to answer the questions about the Otaku Box, contact support for further help!

Support’s email is the following: support@theotakubox.com

If for some reason your email is not getting though, try again or try at another time. The support email does go down from time to time. Also your try embedding any images sent to support in your email instead of sending them as attachments, that helps.

Keep in mind, everyone here is a user and a vast majority of us are subscribers just like you including most of us mods. We have no real power over what happens in The Otaku Box, as this is mainly just a community forum for everyone to get together and share and celebrate all things anime and otaku in nature!


Another common question we get all the time is: when will my Otaku Box ship out?

According to the the FAQ:

If you purchased a box between the 1st and the 7th of the month, your box will ship that month on the 24th.

If you purchased after the 7th, your box will ship at the end of the same month.

Every next box will be shipped on the 24th of the month.

There is a possibility you will get charged again before your first box has shipped (You made an order on the 28th, for example). But, DON’T PANIC, you will receive your box!

Due to COVID and global shipping problems, delivery can be delayed.

So in other words, you’ve been charged again before you received your first box! Check when you first subscribed to the Otaku Box, if you subscribed on the 1st and the boxes shipped out on the 24th like normal, billing is automatically renewed and billed again on the 1st of the following month, so your first box will be in the mail on it’s way to you while your subscription auto-renews on the first of the month.

As for tracking numbers: they are usually emailed to you on the 24th of the month (or in the case of you subscribing after the 7th, the tracking will be sent to you at the end of the month instead). If you didn’t receive a tracking number, check your spam folder.

Your tracking number will usually look something like this 4PX0000000000000CN (replace the zero’s with whatever number you got as an example)
Also sometimes after your package arrives in your country of origin, the tracking number can change to whatever your country uses as its postal service.

Use this site/app to track your box Universal Parcel Tracking - Global Package Tracking

Packages ship out of China and may take a while to get to you, I live in the heartland of the US myself, I usually receive my boxes on average anywhere between the 2nd of the following month up to as late as the 20th at time depending on how fast the mail runs and if there is any delays, this is assuming your package mailed off on the 24th like normal. If it mailed off at the end of the month, it could take longer.

Also if you have any concerns or never got a tracking number contact support, the rule of thumb is if you haven’t received your box by the next shipping time, aka the 24th, contact support, as only they have any real power to help you out.

Patience is key for your first box!

As always, you can check out the FAQ’s section on theotakubox.com page for any other concerns