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Honestly, even with the stereotype, I’d say they’re all overcompensating for something.


okay… so here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately… I never bothered much about this dating thing, right? but I now feel I kind of understand why some people can’t tell kindness and flirting apart

Maybe I just feel kinda guilty because I almost… and I do mean ALMOST… fell for that trap…

Long story short… someone found out I like archery and showed me how to use a bow… with his girlfriend’s bow

But then you just have to take a deep breath and be rational, right?

well that’s it… delulu is not the solulu guys :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


well i guess ill share my rant.

I joined the military and served just over a decade. I got out because i thought i was in love and the military life is hard with a family, (11B) if you know you know. she had a good job here in the area. so i wasnt going to have her quit, plus i was just kinda done with the military. times had changed and i wasnt for the new changes. so i got out and not even 6 months later some random dude comes banging on the door at like 2am. … yeah thats when i found i was being cheated on.
it hurt alot and i have grown from it. i still to this day wonder what if things didnt happen the way they did. But i also know that if i would have stayed with her i wouldnt have been more open about my Otaku life. like i said when the Disscourse was first made, i was not open about being a huge fan of anime and the media. and with this it let me be me and share this love for something with like minded people. so thank you all for being a huge part in my journey to this life.

ok im done

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oh i havnt dated anyone in the past 2 years. kinda just doing my own thing and enjoying life…it does suck not having someone but i got you all and thats just fine for me.

didnt mean to make it all mushy there

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Know the feeling, my friend. I can now be myself and like what I like post-divorce. Of course, I haven’t been on a single date in the 11 years since, so there is that.

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We get ya buddy, it seems most of us have struck out when it comes to love. I haven’t dated anyone since 2019 myself as I’m fairly gun-shy after losing who I thought was the love of my life, then went to dating the most toxic person ever for a few months. I hate being single as I miss the intimacy (not just the sex), but at the same time it gets harder and harder to find someone as you get older as most single ladies at my age are single for a reason. Plus the older we get the more stuck in out own ways we get. I have always been a bit of an Otaku and wasn’t afraid to share that side publicly when I was younger, though the hobby was more niche back then as Otaku culture didn’t go mainstream in the west till sometime after 2015. Now I’d rather just focus on myself and live my best life, without anyone holding me back and dragging me down. If I’m single forever so be it! If I happen to find someone along the way, even better, but not holding my breath! My biggest issue is everyone I do find some attraction to, they are always already taken and I’m no home wrecker so I back off.


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I didn’t strike out. I had it all. We’d made it through the hard times after 32 years of marriage and had gotten to our golden years and were looking firward to sitting side-by-side on our rocking chairs growing old together.

A heart attack took her from me 3 years ago.

So, ladies, don’t think heart disease is just a man’s problem. Get your hearts checked!

I’ve tried dating on and off after the year of mourning. Dating apps are filled with scammers, and most of the bars around here are filled with little female self-entitled punks.

The older women are so scarred from the damage that the assholes around here have inflicted on them that they are pretty much damaged goods and come with a side-order of antidepressents and a shrink.

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I just wanna know why i will never be as pretty as the other girls lol I mean i just kinda pulled outta the dating game and signed my fate to living the single life and replaced it with a mass amount of hobbies that normally would be hard to delve into in a current relation


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I was gonna let this slide, but since @somwhere kicked the anthill again…

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No joke man, I sing that while driving at work lol I even shout what the other drivers say as they pass

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I sing “The Rodeo Song” to them.


Driving, as a skill, is simple. Most people living in the United States will drive at some point in their life. So why is it so many of them are so bad behind the wheel. Speed limits; nah, that’s just a suggestion. Road lines; nah, those don’t apply. Basic rules of the road seem to have no meaning. Law enforcement is not any better. They are often more aggressive than the rest.


What is up with the banned words or Phrases on this forum? No curse words seem to be banned but I’ve come across one word that’s banned from being posted and one name of an anime that is banned from being mentioned as well!

Wish there was a list of these words/names/phrases somewhere? If there is I don’t remember seeing them when I read the rules of the community forum.
As for the words and the name of the anime I found that was banned from being mentioned, the first is a word that begins with the letter W, and ends in eeb. Yes it can be a derogatory name, but it is also highly used by the community in a positive light as some people have embraced the word.
As for the anime name that is banned, it’s name begins with the first part of the japanese name of “boku no hero academia” minus the Hero Academia part. Which is replaced with the the first word of delicious ingrediant of texmex food “Pico de gallo”, minus the de gallo part.
We all should know the history of that anime and the meme status of it by now, as its been a meme status “Yaoi H” title for years. Having it banned kinda ruins any jokes around it mentioning and banning such words or names only brings more attention to them. Yeah yeah I know the forum is set up for ages 13+, but most active users are older then that and are subscribed to The Otaku Box who is advertised as being for 18+ only due to it embracing the “ecchi” content in its box.

I just find it kind of silly and really hinders any shitposting, memes, or jokes. Guess users have to get a bit more creative when doing so I guess.


RANT!!! I want to know why is soo difficult to have a male friend without an ulterior motive!!! I just discover that the frienship I wanted with someone he just wanted to be friends with benefits :pleading_face::sleepy:


Some ways to be just freinds successfully:
He’s gay
He’s married (and loyal/dedicated)
He’s like me and you tell him straight up
He tells it as an ultimatum (hardest)


Without trying to sound mean, but was you leading him on in anyway, trying to get him to do GF like things for you in anyway? Flirtatious? I find you get what you attract and put out there, even if you are not aware that you are doing it.
I have many female friends that I’m well just friends with that I would not want in any other way. I even have a female room mate who the mere thought of having a relationship with makes me gag, but we are close and more like brother and sister or family even though we are not related.
I might be the exception more then the rule, but after being burned one too many times I don’t allow myself to get emotionally attached to anyone anymore in the way one would for a relationship and can pick up the subtle clues women themselves are not even be aware they are putting out there, which causes me to take a step back from them and put up a boundary (maybe it’s a trama defense mechanism, idk).


Not at all!! One of the first things I told him was I have a fiancé and 2 kids and my IG is for cooking because he said to me why I give him my IG if I didn’t wanted to be friends with benefits. Then he said that his definition of friend with benefit is not the same as mine. I sent him from google the meaning of friends with benefits (a friend to have casual s*x with). I want a friend that we can talk, and have stuff in common and not lead to nothing sexual


word of advice, if you have a fiancé, I’d suggest not hanging around guy friends, especially ones with ulterior motives. Even if you’re not doing anything wrong and your fiancé seems Ok with it, the thought is always gonna be on the back of his mind. Even if you don’t think you would ever do it, the temptation to cheat is still there. This would only put a strain on your relationship. even if you think everything is fine. You’re better off sticking with female like minded friends, or just hanging out with your kids and fiancé instead.