Twitch New Years Test

< iframe src=“Twitch ” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=“true” scrolling=“no” height=“378” width=“620”>

Trying this out for New Years Virtual Party. Let me know if you see or can use the link.


Test! Testing. 1….2……check

I don’t wanna be that guy but was there a video or something?

It should take you to my Twitch schedule for the New Years virtual party. I can’t get the full link to work as typed :frowning:


The word, “Twitch” in the link is a hyperlink. If you click on that it will take you to the video. I clicked and it took me to your scheduled video page. I followed. Metallmanx is me

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Hey @Daidoji_Uji , I hope this short tutorial can help.

I found it but I’m already not liking the twitch app itself.

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Ah its there now how about that

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Whent on ahead and followed you

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