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Hey Liz I just wanted to say thank you for creating this. I’m sure I could have found something like this else where but I’ve been more or less just still coming out and embracing the fact that I’m into all this anime stuff. Growing up I was more keeping it hidden and insecure of the fact that I was into it all. The past two years I said the heck with it and could care less what people think or say. From broadening my anime catalog to collecting figures(thanks to you) to even going to my first anime convention a couple weeks ago(anime USA). I truly looked forward to reading others opinions, like and dislikes about anime. But also just being part of a community that shares a common interest. Thank you once again.


Awww! I am always so happy to hear someone’s story like this!
I am so happy that you have embraced this part of yourself, and I am sure you will have so much fun here with everyone, and who knows, coordinate to go to cons together, give tips on best collectors practices, play online games, etc.

So many good things can come out of a place like this, which is precisely why I made it!
P.S. there is a phone app too, so you can always talk to me on the go as well :heart_eyes: -Liz​:cherry_blossom:


I have downloaded the app. I’ll be active.


Hey Liz,
Long time Legendary sub here. I was just wondering if this is like the last otaku community that we used to have?


Hi, sweetie! It is similar to the previous Community but WAY better! Here you can create Topics, exchange tips with others, meet up and plan conventions, and show off your collections, figures, Vtubers, and Gundam models, no limits! -Liz🌸


I agree to the best of my abilities


I’m not much of a talker but it’s always nice to see what people are talking about and maby learn something new. Love your boxes.


I agree with you i am not much of a talker but i do enjoy seeing other people’s creations.


Enjoy your time in the community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome to the community @HeavyMavrick.


That’s super cool to come out of hiding, congrats!! Anime is finally being socially accepted in the mainstream, so it’s the perfect time. The first time I saw StarBlazers as a kid i fell in love with Anime. I used to do a lot of graff and there was always room on a wall for a character here and there. Anyway, it’s good to see people getting into it, regardless of judgement by people who think we’re juvenile or whatever. Cheers!


Neither am I, but everyone here gets you to talk give it time lol either way welcome!


Welcome @Onedeus


Welcome to the community @Onedeus . Yeah I’m a much better person now. Not just due to anime but just leveling up per day.


Yeah I’m sure a lot of us are like that. But it’s helped me alot. Hopefully you stick around, looking forward to great conversations.


@Onedeus Welcome to the Otaku Fam :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What is said app, because i think the discourse app isnt working anymore


I was referring to Discourse. Discourse is working fine, maybe delete it and re-install