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I noticed there wasn’t a thread (that I could find) for reviews of what we are watching/reading so I decided to start one up! The rules will be simple:
(2) Be nice. If you don’t like something, say so, but there is no need to go on a profanity filled rant trashing anything. A simple, “It wasn’t for me” is sufficient.


I can go first since I just finished a series.

“B-Gata H-Kei”
Genre: Slice-of-life/Romance
Watched In: Dub
Streamed On: Crunchyroll


The premise of the show is pretty straight forward but equally odd. First year high schooler Yamada wants to have sex with 100 boys before she graduates. The reason why is not really explained, but that’s her goal. However, Yamada is a virgin and so picks quiet and non-threatening Kosuda for #1 on her list.

“B-Gata H-Kei” doesn’t break any new ground in the Comedy Romance genre. It hits all the notes you’d expect with a couple of slightly unexpected turns. There is a light degree of Fan Service but nothing too drastic for a show centered on a girl trying to lose her virginity. With only 12 episodes, it’s a quick watch and enjoyable if you take it for exactly for what it is.

Overall, I enjoyed it, giving it a solid “B-” grade. You’ll enjoy it if that kind of anime is your thing, but it’s really just some animated candy, sweet but nothing you’d want to eat for every meal.


I really like B Gata H Kei. I thought it was so funny, and the awkwardness of first love is quite relatable.


“My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999”
Genre: Slice-of-Life/Romance
Watched In: Dub
Streamed: Crunchyroll


My niece recommended this one as she is a big gamer. Naturally, that’s the focus of the show, as well. Akane Kinoshita, College Freshman, gets dumped by her gamer boyfriend. Devastated, she goes to a con for the game they played together, an MMO called “Forest of Savior”, in the hopes of making him jealous. Instead, she meets Akito Yamada, a pro gamer with an oddly detached personality. Yamada is a good looking guy and Akane is immediately interested in him. He, however, doesn’t seem to be interested in much of anything.

There are only 4 episodes out right now but I’ve enjoyed all four of them. The voice acting is solid if not spectacular and it’s in an art style I like. The characters, including several other gamers, seem like they’ve got some backstories to explore, although some are rather cliche’.

If you like romance anime, you’ll enjoy this. If you are a gamer, you’ll enjoy it as well. I give My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 a grade of “B” with a chance of improvement as the series progresses.


Genre: Slice-of-Life/Harem
Watched in: Dub
Streamed: Crunchyroll


Another suggestion from my otaku niece. Kodaka Hasegawa is a new student to a Catholic High School. Due to a misunderstanding on his first day, most of the student body thinks he is a dangerous thug and thus he has yet to make any friends. He eventually meets Yozora Mikazuki, another friendless student due to her abusive taunts targeted at everyone. Together the form the “Neighbors Club”, officially a service club but really a training ground for them to make friends.

Soon after, Sena Kashiwazaki joins, despite being beautiful and popular. Her dazzling looks keeps her from making any true friendships, however, and hopes the club can help. Also joining are Yukimura Kusunoki (an effeminate boy who Yozora convinces to dress as a maid), Rika Shiguma (a genius, yet perverted science student), and Kobato Hasegawa (Kodoka’s little sister who pretends to be a vampire). Lastly is Maria Takayama a 10-year-old nun who acts as their faculty sponsor.

The main story focuses on how these awkward losers attempt to navigate social situations while failing to realize the friends they want are right there in the club room with them. Overall, the show has a very Breakfast Club vibe to it which I am more than old enough to remember well. The characters are generally fun in their own way, although Kobato steals any scene she’s in with her vampire routine. I must admit, Yozora is a very hard character for me to take as she crosses the line from tsundere to bitch on several occasions.

As a warning, Haganai is TV-MA for nudity and some very sexual lines delivered by Rika.

Overall, I give Haganai an “A-”. It’s full of the tropes and stereotypes common to the genre but does them better than most.


Guys, this isn’t just for me! I’d love to hear some reviews of the stuff ya’ll are watching!

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I’ve always been an “I like it/It sucks,” kinda guy. I don’t write reviews if I can at all avoid it.

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I have a hard time with words sometimes when describing things. Hell my YouTube videos were filled with awkwardness and me stumbling over speech like mad. I’m better at typing yes, but I attempted reviews in the past on manga on my Insta and had a hard time reviewing the manga I’ve just read without giving out spoilers.

I may try it again here soon, but we will see.


My Senpai Is Annoying
Genre: Office Comedy/Romance
Watched In: Dub
Streamed On: Funimation


Futaba Igarashi is a tiny, scrappy office worker who is often mistaken for a child and constantly complains about her big and boisterous coworker, Harumi Takeda. He serves as her direct supervisor and mentor. Their absolutely opposite physical appearances form most of the comedy in the show. Futaba desperately wants to be seen as a capable adult while Takeda can’t help to but to see her as a child to be protected. Naturally, they develop a close relationship as the work together every day but their differing attitude makes that relationship fraught.

In a side story, Tōko Sakurai is an extremely attractive co-worker of the two MCs. She is constantly getting hit on by the men in her office, much to her annoyance. What she really wants is for quiet and stoic Sōta Kazama to give her that kind of attention.

My Sempai Is Annoying isn’t going to be for everyone. Not much in the way of action happens and the relationships move at a sedate pace. However, the characters are charming and the story feels genuine. I could relate to Futaba’s plight somewhat because no woman in my family is over 4’9" (including my niece who was both a cop and a US Army Specialist). I give the show a “B+” rating, although it might have gotten an “A” given a second season.



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How Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno
Genre: Comedy
Watched In: Dub
Streamed On: HiDive


Ueno, a middle school girl, is a scientific and engineering genius. Unfortunately, she mostly uses her inventions as a means to get her crush Tanaka’s attention, aided by her minion Yamashita. For his part, Tanaka is mostly confused by Ueno’s shinanigans, not understanding that she simply likes him.

If you were ever a goofy middle-schooler in love, you will relate to this series. The characters are sweet in their clumsiness although Ueno can get rather shrill at times. The art style is playful and vibrant, the music poppy almost to a fault. It’s a cute series for the most part with episodes coming in at a speedy 12 minutes a piece. If you’re wanting something silly and light to watch, I can recommend this one as a “B”.


Loved the anime, and even bought a copy of it. too bad so many others didn’t care for it!

Been meaning to check out the manga of “how Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno”