Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

I’m debating if I should get this because I was addicted to jet grind radio and jet set radio future, but I don’t want to jump the gun and get disappointed. So has anyone played it or seen anyone play it and have any opinions?


I was debating the same thing, before I decided on getting armored core 6. If you get it let me know what you think of it


@somwhere so I got it and let me say…The nostalgia is real. I smiled so wide getting into it. The mechanics are changed when it comes to tagging graffiti but they made it work in a nice way, the soundtrack is immaculate since it’s got a little something for everyone, swapping from rollerblading to bikes to skateboarding is simple as well and won’t really throw you off. The crews are beautifully worked out from your crew to the oldheads and then some. Secrets are still there as well and finding them is still tough but rewarding. All in all 10/10


Well I guess I’ll be getting it. One thing I love about gaming on pc, steam let’s me return it as long as it’s not over two hours of play. Wish PS5 would do that. And step up there graphics lol.

Thanks for the recommendation.