Custom Figures and Prototypes

This is a topic for any and all who have made or customized their own figures, of if you want to share pictures or videos a custom figure that you seen online you like.

Be sure to let people know if the figure your posting is a custom figure or if its a prototype.


This is the video that inspired me to make this topic as I couldn’t find an appropriate place to post this video as I don’t own the figure nor is it for sale. None the less it is Awesome and the artist is extremely talented with his custom paint job! You can’t even tell it’s a 3D figure and not a cell shaded image!


I saw that video a few days ago, the repaint on the figure was fabulous. The top comment on the video mentioned the price going up if figures started becoming more like this one. I personally wouldn’t mind paying if the quality is that amazing :heart:


I’ve been trying to find a Goku top half to put on the legs of a Gintama figure for a while now to make a samurai goku. unfortunately I can’t find any of the right scale and without needing to do lots of cutting