Faulty pedestal/figurine?

Okay so I just got my first box today, and I was super excited to see everything I got. Honestly I’m fairly happy with how everything looks, I think the Pochita socks are funny and adorable, but my first complaint is the healing maid rem figure. I was messing with it to see how the top attaches and detaches, but when I tried to put it back on it would never fully go on, and I somehow ended up breaking one of the pegs that keeps it in place somehow; and I barely used much force. I was able to still put it back on for the most part though, but my other complaint is the Rias figure. It has a small little pedestal to sit on, but it just doesn’t support her weight and she just falls over. Is there a piece I’m missing or something, or is it just faulty? I’d really appreciate any help that you guys can give, thanks!


pictures would help.

With the Devilish Maid Rias figure, the peg fits into her left foot rather tightly and you have to use a lot of force just to try and get it flush with the stand, but she doesn’t topple over. Or did you get a different Rias figure?

Also You can contact support@theotakubox.com if you have issues

as for the peg snapping on the Rem figure for her top, can’t help you there as this didn’t happen to me with mine. Is it cold where you are located? did you open the figure right up as soon as it arrived? If the figure was still cold from being in the box from mail delivery, it could have made the delicate pieces like the pegs on the top more fragile where they could snap with easily. Just a guess.


You’ll need to write support@theotakubox.com about that.

Me, I’d just glue it and add some weight to the stand. I’m a modeler.


Little peg snapped on mine too (top left), I was still able to get her top on.


Hey, thanks for the tips and info and such! It did actually work just by forcing it a bit. I didn’t want to try that before because I was worried about breaking it, like I accidentally did with the Rem figure. Except now I have another problem, I had already emailed the support email about it and a replacement is going to be sent, do I just email back and try to cancel that? I feel really bad about these sorts of things, especially when it’s user error like right now


I’ve been having a similar problem with mine, seems the hole in the foot is too shallow, and only goes down about a quarter of the peg on mine. I’ve been hesitant to use to much force to see if it will go down farther, considering i can see the end of the hole and worried i’ll either break the peg or have the peg go out the bottom and put a hole in the counter or table.