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Ever is eternally ever.
I am well, however. Sad my Japan trip is ending, and groaning cause my addiction to figures grew 10-fold, but overall. A fun time away. Real world awaits.


Trying to make it through another day-and-a-half without needing bail. Then I get a 4-day weekend.


why am I suddenly reminded of this ancient meme from this post…


I have my Japan trip coming up in April. Could you please give me some heads up and things I should definitely do.


budget, and stick to it. im near the end of my trip and raelized i almost came up short on what i needed to get home XD

otherwise, depends what you want to do. mine was mostly “on a whim”, so it was more chaotic, I’m sure. IC card, grab welcome suica or pasmo passport from the airport. they’ll giv eyou 28 days for the ic card, and it sa must have, even if oyu use passes. it can be used just about anywhere here.

NAVITIME is a godsend. it can tell you station to station how to get to destinations, and tells you if any passes you have qualify, and if not, which passes you can get that do qualify.

RAIL PASS: check your plans. looking back, i think i just barely came out ahead, and that was cause of some dumb trip planning (or lack of) on my part. that was with old prices, so doubt i’d do it again with new prices.

JAPANESE: definitely learn wht you can. the language gap is real. i had a few people help me understand when things went wrong with trains, but otherwise, you’ll be left in the wild with only a phone :smiley:

and, for the love of all that is holy, if you go to a place like GIGO or taito, be smart about your spending :smiley: just cause the rewards are cute, don’t go crazy :smiley:


Yeah that’s what I’m worried about. I’m setting aside a good amount to the side for figures and then the shipping. Imma be there for 10 days and plan on being mostly in Tokyo but plan to go to Osaka and Kyoto


if you can, sometimes a suitcase is cheaper :slight_smile: i lucked out in that my suitcases has the extra space. shipping can be a bit high. lol. figures here really aren’t badly priced atm though, cause of the exchange rate, if you find a sshop that hasn’t been adjusting to the inflation. LOL :slight_smile:


So what apps/sites do people use for learning Japanese?


:man_shrugging: I don’t know, I’m not planning on ever really trying to learn a language I’ll never need. I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to visit Japan anyway in my lifetime, and even if I do, there are Translator Apps that are fairly decent and getting better all the time.

The only other language I ever learned was German when I was a kid when I lived there for 4 years, unfortunately it was not proper German, and I haven’t used it since I was a kid so I basically forgotten how to speak it other then a few phrases here and there. If you don’t use it you lose it.

I’d rather learn Spanish now because at least that would be useful since there are so many spanish speakers in the US.

As for Japanese, the only use I would have for it is watching anime, and even then there are subtitles and dubbs for that.

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Yeah I think I’ll be good as well. Like I said input a bunch of money to the side in case I go overboard and just may go with DHS.


i had 2 otakubox figures, 3 figures from cons this year
my tally from japan added another 10?, with a couple being scale figures. LOL

and i am trying to resist the urge to go to a-stop to get more cause i found some i wanted (though need to not spend the rest of my money haha)


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