Looking for a waifu card

Hello, I’m searching for the March 2023 Waifu card. I specifically want the ecchi version of Astoria from Azure Lane. I could trade a non ecchi version or if the price is right I would consider buying it.


Hate to tell you this but the March of 2023 Waifu card was Ersa Scarlet. (I keep all my photo’s organized), April’s was Emilia and Feburary’s was Zero Two.

after some digging I figured out me meant March of 2022 which was Astoria.

I don’t have a spare so of that one so I can’t help you out here as I’m not parting with my collection unless there was a spare. You can try ebay if need be.

I figured posting a picture of the card in question may help others know what one you was looking for.


Yes March 2022 was what I meant. I received my box and in it was the non ecchi version of the card. After reaching out to the otaku box 4 times i stopped trying to get an ecchi card, I got 4 of the non ecchi cards now, finally gave up trying.

If you could provide a link to the card I’m looking for on eBay I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for the correction Zoysite13


not ebay but this is what I found

some of the prices for these cards are getting ridiculous!

@Liz please for all that is right, open up a shop selling the past waifu cards at a reasonable rate to stop the price gouging by these people!

I’m still missing Non-Ecchi versions of #001 thru #013 as that was before I started subscribing to two boxes.

I’m also missing card ecchi version of #017 Ikaros from Heaven’s Lost Prpoerty, and non-ecchi #045 Vanessa Enoteca from Black Clover the most recent one (but I’m hoping to get a replacement for the missing card in my next box)

I do have a spare Non-ecchi version of Ikaros to trade someone though.


A store would be awesome… I’m subscribed for the ecchi box but would like to be able to purchase tapestry in SFW version as well at times.