March Box

By chance, any leaks on March Box? Or any legendary fans have the hook-ups? :eyes::joy:. Birthday is relatively in the middle of the month on the 19th to be precise & I’m treating myself to three box as a gift to myself.
Even though it’ll come one month after, I’m sure it’ll be worth it.
Part of me wants Rui Tachibana, Ezra Scarlet & Lust. I’ve seen them a lot on social media. Fans have been praising them a lot.


Actually there are a few I’ve seen on Facebook for February’s box which will arrive in March, but no leaks for March’s box itself yet. I’ll post the February leaks here but spoiler blur them for anyone who wants to see.

Also My birthday is coming up in March as well on the 19th.


Excited for that figure!


that wallet looks pretty nice as well :thinking:

reminded me of that custom one my dad made for me a while ago… didnt use it much tho cuz it was way too big in my pocket lol


Damn, looks like I’m missing out on the Miss B*tch card and a wallet. My fault for buying stupid miniatures that I don’t have the time to list and sell.