searching for collector cards

Hey all fellow otaku’s

I am searching for 9 collector cards from previous otaku boxes. I need them to get a complete collection and I have all besides thise I have written down. So is it possible that there is somebody in here there would be willing to sell these to me ? :blush::pray:

  1. 009

  2. 012

  3. 017

  4. 018

  5. 020

  6. 025

  7. 026

  8. 027

  9. 028

And I like the normal and the ecchi cards so that’s not a issue :wink:


good luck, there are a few I need as well mainly the non-ecchi versions if they exist from series one…(before I started subscribing to two boxes).

Hoping one day Liz allows you to purchase past sets on her website.


Totally agree with you

But have you tried to contact support and ask them if the have some of the cards you are looking for / missing. Maybe the have some left overs in stock. :wink: