Anime USA-Arlington, VA

September 22-24 in Crystal City, Virginia (Short jaunt from the Pentagon)

Current Guests:
Molly Searcy (Monster Musume’s Cerea, Spy X Family’s Princess Honey)

Aaron Campbell (Spy X Family’s Bondman)

Emi Lo (Buddy Daddies’ Miri)

Les Claypool (Sound Engineer)

Mary Claypool (Script Writer)


Newly added since this post:

Joe Hernandez (Breath of the Wild’s Daruk)

Amelia Gotham (Breath of the Wild’s Mipha)

Amanda C. Miller (Sailor Jupiter, Boruto)

Jamie Mortellaro (Breath of the Wild’s voice director and Prince Sidon)

Sean Chiplock (Breath of the Wild’s Revali, Re: Zero’s Subaru)

Don’t know who I’ll be assisting yet. Looking forward to this one!


I would, but I’m saving money for a vacation at the end of October. At least it’s not at the hotel I went to the first time. That was just a nightmare to deal with. Also, there is 50% chance I’ll have to work that weekend because of my job.


If it weren’t for the job unpredictability, I’d recommend considering volunteering. Between getting in free (or reimbursed afterwards) and in some cases even provided hotel rooms, that’s how I can go to so many cons and save money.

Haven’t seen it lately, but there was also a Groupon discount code.


This con went by way too fast.

I was assigned to assist Les and Mary Claypool. They are among the first of sound engineers and screenwriters, respectively, to bring Anime to the United States.

They brought classics like Guyver, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun to us

Each of their panels were two hours long of How We Got Here and Behind the Scenes.

Akira is regarded as a Japanese national treasure and there is a committee that oversaw it to make sure exports were faithful to the original. They saw Les’s thorough notes on what he saw the movie needed and decided they did not need to send committee members to oversee his work.

First Thought: “Yes! They trust me and have confidence that I’ll do a good job!”
Immediate next thought: “Oh my God! I’m being trusted with a national treasure and I’d better not F- this up!”


Amanda C. Miller was one of the guests. Sailor Jupiter had been my old school waifu crush and I was able to share that with her.

Even though I’m in a custody fight, I try to have something for my son to give his mother for birthdays and Christmas.

And since the ex doesn’t want anything that I had gotten for her, time to start collecting things for myself as the opportunities come.


Aaron Campbell has a number of roles, but I wanted to thank him for his Assistant Director work on Spy X Family. Again with the custody fight (and I’m sorry for the oversharing), the show has helped me to have a new and fresh perspective on parenting that exposes my blind spots.

He voices Bondman and Molly Searcy voices Princess Honey. They signed the Lenticular poster so that when you see Twilight they perfectly frame the Bondman flyer.


Other guests had the theme of the latest Legend of Zelda games. We had Sean Chiplock (Revali, Tevu, Great Deku Tree), Joe Hernandez (Daruk), Jaimie Mortellaro (Sidon, also the voiceover director), and Amelia Gotham (Mipha) at her first-ever convention.

After the con closed on Sunday, Amelia said she wanted to go into DC to see a few of the memorials. It had been quite rainy as Tropical Storm Ophelia came up the East Coast, but fortunately, I had the two umbrellas that @Liz had sent and they fit perfectly into my everyday carry bag.

I was able to take her on an impromptu tour and we had quite a lovely time.


I am SO jelly of all you got to experience there! Congrats on having a wonderful time!


Did you visit the stone shrine


Might have, but not known by name. What are you referring to?


Nice, don’t see too much merch based on “Armitage the III” did you make those T-shirts or buy them?


…Sorry it’s a lantern not a shrine


People brought those shirts with their own artwork for autographs.

I was there to take the pictures for their own memories and social media sharing.


Nah, didn’t go there. It was humid and getting dark.

Maybe if they come for AwesomeCon the first weekend of March (Yeah, it’s early next year)


Cherry blossom season?


There’s a limited window where the cherry blossoms bloom and they throw a festival here in the DC area.

Edit: Sorry, forgot who I was replying to. If that’s when the season hits, maybe.
But their coming likely depends on the cons.


I grew up in Loudoun County and we had two cherry blossom trees in our front yard. I was never able to attend inside the capital and moved out of state before the lanterns were put in place.


Spy X Family 2
Apologies for the ratio as I try to shrink the 10 sec video to fit


So here are a few pics I did get. I took my family on Saturday and they got a bunch so I’ll try and get them.
Also that’s me with Substantual, a rap artist that worked with one of the greatest producers ever Nujabes the father of lo-fi.

Then I finally got to meet DR MARIO!! @SquallMano
My family saw the video and they had a good laugh.

Baltimore from Azur lane

Perona and Cloud

Celty from Durarara

Somwhere(myself) and Substantual

Usagi and Niwatori from Juuni Taisen

Soi Fon from Bleach

Yawatch from Bleach

Dr.Mario from The Otaku Box