What made you smile today?

Ahh yep, fair enough


Can’t wait to see this! (though I know what happens already due to reading the manga).


Was able to get these before anyone else even knew they were there because the worker at the game shop just unpacked them and didn’t even get them put into the inventory yet. Also got the miniature people for series one, Ope, forgot to add it when I snapped the photo


Apparently I won a contest on Instagram. A bit of context, back in January a page that I follow ( e2046.com ) was having a giveaway, with only 2 winners. I follow the page because I know the store is legit as I buy from them all the time. Here is a screenshot of the contest in question.

of course I entered since it was an easy contest to enter for me. Anyway last Friday I got this message in the comments section of the Giveaway post from e2046 stating I won and to DM them. Only me and one other comment got this response, as I checked over the comments section before DM’ing them to make sure it was legit.

Of course after DM’ing them I got an automatic responce (edited out of the screenshot) stating to visit their website for questions and concerns during business hours.

Well late last night they finally messaged me back on the DM asking for my email, to which I sent them, and finally woke up this morning to see that they finally responded after confirming my account.

Apparently they will send me the Asuka GK kit when production is finished.

Keep in mind this is a Garage Kit Site, so most likely I won the Kit and not the finished painted figure. This is most likely what I will receive whenever it ships out.

Guess I’ll give it my best shot and see If I can paint it and put it together decent or not, at least it’s a free kit to test my skills on!


Sweet figure! Oozing sexiness! Please post pics of progress


Wife and I are at the movies. The Fall Guy. Heard some good things about it. Hope it’s good. :+1:


Patrick Star Lol GIF by Cartuna
Crushing it at the gym like Patrick. :smile:


I’m actually being sad these past 2 days, but today I saw Noelle in her Mermaid form and got really excited and smile😍


Haven’t gotten around to starting BC yet.