Whats everyone's anime OTP?

Like the title says what are ya’lls favorite pairings. Doesn’t matter if its cannon or not, just who do you ship together? I’ll give a few classic pairs from the 2000s.

From G Gundam: Rain and Domon
From Gundam Wing: Heero Yuy and Relena Peacecraft
From Hellsing: a love triangle between Alucard, Seras Victoria and Integra


Brock and literally any female character in the anime…



This is a really, really good question. I mean I’ll be the first to say all the girls from renta gf to walk the heck away.

But seriously I watch romance very closely and most of them I definitely agree with already.

But in the nature of Gundam Wing it’s easily those two kids Trowa Barton and Catherine Bloom.

If you are curious why, they uplift each other and honestly Catherine checks trowa several times when he needs it.

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Don’t forget the classic pairings in high school dxd I mean it’s obvious but still needed to be said.


Rias said it perfectly " Crimson-Haired princess an the red dragon" Perfectly matched


See i always assumed trowa was actually her long lost brother and thats why theres that connection


Same here… I always thought it was mentioned in episode 0 or something, but never knew if that was canon or just rumors/fanfics/theories.


I noticed there were several articles about that being a possibility but I went with the thought those kids were kindred spirits. I can always fall back on Milliardo Peacecraft and Lucrezia Noine.

I doubt that is how you spell their names but I am tired :P.


Actually you got his name right as well as her first name but drop the e on the last name and you’re golden lol. I on the other hand have to look them up every time

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Its been hinted at that trowa cant remember his real name or history because he was stolen from his circus performing parents but he supposedly had a sister that escaped. However its not explicitly stated what happened to his parents or sister afterwards just that ever since he can remember he’s been a nameless soldier. As for how he got the name Trowa Barton it came from the real trowa who was killed by one of the scientists planning operation meteor and the fake trowa was given the name after witnessing the killing.


Zero Two from Darling in the Franx paired with Simon from Gurren Lagann


Joe Shimamura and Francoise Arnoul (Cyborg 009)

Susamu Kodai and Yuki Mori (Space Battleship Yamato)

Joey Wheeler and Mai Valentine (Yu Gi Oh)

Akira Kururusu (Ren Amiyama) and Any Girl in his team (It probably
comes down to Ann or Futaba) (Persona 5)

Yukihira Soma and Rindo Kobayashi (Food Wars)

Toru Honda and Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Hank the Ranger and Sheila the Thief (Dungeons and Dragons) (This was a dead giveaway even as a kid)

Izuku Midoriya and either Ochako Ururaka or Melissa Shields (All Might and Dave were trying to set that up I think. Also you could probably fit Deku with any girl on the show and it would work)

Haruhi and Hikaru and Kaoru (Ouran Host Club) (It would most likely end up being the three of them as I could see Hikaru and Kaoru switching off or with each other.)

Sakura and Syaoran/Tsubasa (Tsubasa Chronicles)

Sakura and Syaoran (Card Captors)
(Given how the CLAmp Universe works, These are two different sets of Sakuras and Syaorans when Syaoran sent his son Tsubasa “to find his Sakura” He had his son take his name instead

Suzaku and Euphie (Code Geass)

Gohan and Videl

Johnny Quest and Jessie Bannon