A question for Liz and Otaku Management

Hi Liz,

I have a question have you and your management staff ever thought about having a OtakuBox Booth at Merch areas at US/Canadian Conventions. I personally think you could get close to a couple hunder new subscribers at each Con you’re setup at. Also, I was thinking you can ask folks who are subscribers if they would be interested in staffing the booth (nothing like free advert from us who are subscribers)’

I know it’s to late for this year but something to look at for next year. Since I’m about to retire from touring I would be interested in helping this idea become a reallity if you think it’s viable thing for the company.



I believe they were at Ecchi Expo back in 2022, so I know they’re out there occasionally.


Uhhhh and the potential suscribers could get her free figure right there if she have some in stock instead of waiting for the mail :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::raised_hands:t4:


Yeah we joined many US Conventions in 2022, and we don’t have a plan yet for next year.
If anything is updated, I will get you all informed on socials and forum.


I would never get to go to an anime convention anyway as they are always so far away from where I live usually and always on Weekends which is next to impossible for me to get off from work.

I do go to a ton of concerts, but I’ve just been lucky since many of them happened to come to my area and fall on my normal days off (Tues & Wed). But other fun events are always on the weekends, and since I work at a casino, weekends are a must as they are our busiest time of the week since all the normies are off work those days.

There are a couple of conventions that do come to OKC, Tulsa, or Wichita (all about 100 miles or more from where I live). The biggest one is in OKC on New Years Day every year, which is a double whammy of impossible to attend since its the busiest day of the year for casinos, and falls on a holiday.

I hope one day I can experience going to an Anime Con, but I doubt it will be any time soon.


I did attend to an comic-con 2013 back then in PR, but it was more aimed towards Cosplay and anime than comics. So basically you pay your ticket to enter, take pictures of ppl in cosplay

The winner of the cosplay contest there “Jack Sparrow”

and inside you’ll spend more money in anime merch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:,

also money in eating the over expensive crap food at the food court LOL

I also met Adam voice actor and took a picture of him. I really don’t remember what characters he make voice of😅


Hi Asuna,

What I was thinking if Liz and company decide togo to the Top 15-220 Anime/Comic Book Cons in North America that they could triple their subscribtion with in 5 Cons. Iwould start with San Deigo Comic Con since it’s the largest Con in North America and the 5th largest in the World.

I would be very interested in helping outI used to work many of these Cons doing Sound for them. Send me aPM when you have the chanceI would like to talk to you about a few things.



Hi Moxie, just PM me if you would like to share anything :clinking_glasses: