Anime Conventions in Japan

So who has been to a Japanese Convention before, I have been to quite a few and the first thing that struck me is the way you do photos with folks wearing costumes and how crowded the conventions are.


I would love to travel there and attend conventions… I am sure it is an unforgetable experience…


Well it’s a totally different then attending a convention in the West, the first thing that struck me as a photographer it was consider rude to stop and ask someone in the halls if you can take there photo What I found out is conventions have spots through out the convention where folks in costume come and pose for groups of photographers each season lasted for 2 minutes, the other thing I discovered that many of the J-Pop Girls attended conventions and would have private one on one shoots and I was surprised to find that many of the Japanese Female Porn Stars also attend conventions and also had private one on one shoots but those you had to be 21 to sign up for the shoots. Also all the big anime houses had Hugh displays and ha models dressed up as various characters, I was able to do a private group shoot with all the characters from High School DxD and the shot was a 21 and older shoot.