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One of my party members is getting married, seems to be under someone’s thrall and the rest of us need to crash the wedding. Being the Gnome Cleric, I’m the natural choice to do the officiating.

“‘Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today…’ And I figure a way to ramble on and buy time for my party to get in the right position…”
“No, screw that. Do the actual service and speech.”
I think for a moment “Okay…”
“Mawwiage! Mawwiage is what bwings us here today.
Mawwiage is…like a soicle. Not a Squayer, Not a twiangle, a soicle…”
My party’s laughing to tears as this goes on and recognizes where I’m getting the material from.
DM: “Okay, go ahead and wrap this up.”
“And we bwess dis union with woids fwom Ezekiel 25:17, 'bwessed is he who sheperds his bwother thwoo the valley of the shadow of death, for surely he is is bwother’s keeper. And I will stwike down upon thee with great Wengeance those who would destwoy my bwothers! And now fo all who stand here, speak now oh fowever hold yow peace!”

The party loved it and were rolling for a few minutes with the copyright strikes I should have gotten on this…


We got our boxes early due to lunar New Year in China. The dice were unexpected and very cool.