How unhinged are these manga translators?

Hey fellow Otakus,

I was catching up on some Martial Peak manhwa recently (currently over 3k chapters in) and I came across this translator’s note. Now that I think about it, I remember some instances in various manga where translators are just “unhinged”.

Has anyone else come across similar examples? Show me some examples and let’s laugh together. :smile:


This has been an ongoing issue for quite awhile now, and I now that quite a few AnimeHouse’s in Japanrefuse to work with certain companiesin the US because of it.


Completely understandable. They are translators, localizers, and voice actors. Their job is to translate the work as accurately and correctly as possible to keep the original creators/writers story as close to their vision as possible.

But lately many of these so called translators. localizers, and voice actors have taken it upon themselves to change or “fix” these works to support whatever social issue they want to be backing that day. Which in turn would be a violation of the trust the license holder the creators had when licensing their properties out of a global market. Sadly most these issue mainly happen in the US where Progressive idiots, who barely can grasp anything about their social issues they are backing to begin with and even then are highly misinformed, somehow get into this prominent positions and take it upon themselves to force their agenda on everyone else though someone else’s work. And worse of all the companies that hire them never seem to do anything about it and seem to push these agendas as well, like a virus on the industry.

A.I. can’t arrive fast enough to replace these idiots in my opinion, then maybe the studios in Japan will translate and dub their license themselves and only lease the properties out for distribution only. These license holders in Japan also need to sue those who violated their trust and blatantly changed the tone and story of their works as well since it technically is a copyright violation.

rant over.

I know @Otaku didn’t mean the topic to be about this issue, and was mainly focusing the topic on funny instances, but none the less changing another persons work is still wrong and the issue has only gotten worse in recent years.


They are becoming a huge issue, not just in manga but in anything requiring translations. They have a huge god complex.