Paranormal Activity!

I know this doesn’t have much to do with anime, but do you have an interest in the Paranormal or UFO phenomenon. Have an interesting story, picture, or video to share? do it here! I have more then a passing fascination with the topic myself and felt I needed to make a thread for sharing these interests.

Viewer beware, spooky stuff ahead in this thread!


A Hidebehind caught on camera


An interesting topic so I will oblige, and sorry in advance if this doesn’t make sense lol.

I would consider myself more of a believer in the supernatural. Spiritual entities that try to make contact with people I am a believer in. Wouldn’t really call it a religious thing, just more of a personal belief. My parents have told me they have seen spirits before, alongside a lot of members on my mother’s side. My grandfather on my father’s side was a Korean and Vietnam veteran and unfortunately he passed away before I could meet him due to colon cancer. We have a grandfather clock that my grandmother gave us in remembrance of him. My mother and her sister tell me that they have seen a figure standing in front of the grandfather clock before, so we just assume it’s my old grandfather watching over us.

Alongside that we have seen large figures with long great wings before. My mother summed it down to angels or spirits looking after us in good faith when we are at times of low or loss. I myself have seen different sorts of shadows and spirits during times of stress in my sleep (and no I will not go into my spiritual beliefs with Akeno, as they are a bit personal and a bit off topic). I have seen these angelic shadows casted in my room when I wake up randomly late at night. I have seen other entities as well, these being a dragon, and recently a gnome shaped figure. While it’s a bit more difficult to explain these, I still believe more in the angelic shadows that I have seen.

I am a firm believer as well that we are not the only beings in the universe. While yes I do believe in a higher power or some sort of afterlife, I do believe as well that beings out in the universe besides us will as well follow suit into whatever happens after death. And hopefully those pesky sayians or Frieza don’t find our planet like your picture @Zoysite13 or else we will be in trouble.

Experiencing and doing sort of spiritual things is always fun in my opinion. I personally like to dabble with tarot cards and see what they say. I always find it fascinating having vivid dreams and seeing them come true. Heck I had a dream a few days ago of my friend winning on the slots on a website we play on. I told him the next day and boom he won $5000, which I found to be a bit funny.

Aside from those interesting things, I love going outside and just gazing upon the stars. I’ll take my akeno plushies out with me and just look up and think to myself “what else is really out there”, and “I wonder who is watching over me now”. I don’t know if this was more down the alley of the topic that you wanted Zoy but I thought I would just describe some of the things I have experienced on more of a supernatural level.

And no I don’t take any psychedelics or any of that. Sober as it gets.


I work at a hospital thats close to being over 200 years old. The elevators open/close and move on their own.
Not to long ago a coworker captured this black ‘thing’ coming in and out of the elevators.


Can’t be viewed in the US?


I am a big fan of spooky and supernatural things, but I don’t believe much in UFOs or anything like that. A little bit of a story though!

Around MAYBE 12 years ago, there were 2 times that I woke up in the morning from my sleep seeing a ‘shadow figure’. What I mean by this is the first time I woke up, I saw the outlined shadow of an outstretched hand right in front of my face. Of course, it scared the hell out of me, so I closed my eyes and turned away. After what seemed like maybe 5 minutes, I opened my eyes and saw nothing there.

The very next morning, I believe I woke up around the same time and as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the outlined shadow of a human face. No hair or anything, but I could see the nose and eye sockets, yet not the eyes themselves. It was just a shadow. An indention of where the eyes would be. I didn’t see the indention of a mouth, only the eye sockets and nose. That scared me WAY more than the hand did, of course.

I LOVE creepy things though. XD


Unfortunately your video won’t play for me. Is it region locked?


Ah im not sure i’ll load a photo of it instead


For those who can’t see the vid. Pretty much its this black smokey looking thing that is seen for a good couple seconds entering the elevator.


I do have have a few stories myself.

When I was around 5 or 6 I was staying at my grandparents house over night, their house is small but it is two stories with the stairs bending in an L shape leading upstairs to a very small landing about 4 square feet in total size. on the left side of the stairs was my grandparents bedroom. directly on the right side of the landing is the kids room. that had just enough room for two twin beds. and a chest of draws. the tow bedroom doorway were directly facing each other. I always slept in the bed as child that had the foot of the bed facing the doorway. The other bed was sideways, as that was the only way to fit two twin beds in that room. Enough of the scene setup though.

I was staying the night at my grandparents one night and about to fall asleep, both bedroom doors were open and it was pitch black in my grandparents room. There was a faint light coming upstairs from the living area in the stairway and landing. As I laid in bed I stared out the doorway and in into my grandparents pitch black room across the landing. I suddenly saw a tall black shadowy figure walk out of my grandparents bedroom into the landing. I thought it was my Grandpa at first and I called out to him. But then I suddenly was struck by fear as I noticed the figure had faint red glowing orbs where the eyes should be and the figure also had what looked like horns on its head according to my young mind. There was flickering of shadow fragments flying off the figure that looked like bats to me. The figure approached my bedroom from the landing. That’s when I screamed in a panic and started crying, I was 5 or 6 mind you. Suddenly the hallway light came on and the figure vanished from sight in an instant. Both my Grandpa and Grandma came up the stairs to see what was the matter. I explained to them what I saw the best I could while bawling my eye’s out from fear. Needless to say I slept downstairs on the couch that evening with the lights on, when I finally did pass out.

Over the years I passed it off and I was young and most likely was just my over active imagination. Well that was until many years later while browsing the /x/ board on 4chan, I came across a posting with a picture similar to this.

That fear I felt when I was a kid came rushing back quickly to me, as this was the exact figure I had seen as a kid. It turned out this figure is called the “Hat Man” and is a well known manifestation of a shadow person that many people recall seeing over the years.
Basicly confirming what I saw as a kid was real! Still gives me shivers thinking about it.


Ooooo i’ve read a lot about “hat man” he’s pretty much an all around bad omen. Seeing him is not good at all.

As for seeing things, i used to live in hawaii when i was starting grade school. House was built on top of an old graveyard from the WW2 Pearl Harbor attack.
1st day in the house i ran upstairs to check out my room, in the middle of the hallway was some guy in military uniform. I could see through him, just standing there.
It was when he looked directly at me and smiled is when i ran out of the house screaming.

There was also a nurse too, she was in the living room mostly. Every night at 3am exactly the smoke detector would go off and wake everyone up. Eventually dad had to take the batteries out because it was getting very annoying. Lmao



You could say she’s a semen demon!

doesn’t help that the figure is life-sized, imagine it getting up and walking around one day due to the possession.


I’ll buy that for a dollar!



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