What type of Figures do you prefer to collect?

What type of figure do you prefer to collect?

I’m not taking what shows or characters you prefer, or what figures I wish you could get. I’m talking more of typically when you buy a figure what type of figure you collect mostly!

from Mass produced Prize Figures (BanDai Banpresto, Sega, Furyu, etc) which are usually on the lower end of the cost scale (running anywhere from $15 in cost to about $100 at the higher end, average price of the figures in this category is about $25 to $30).
But do come in a wide variety of characters, but mostly focus on the main characters of an anime show.

Or Scale and Cast off Figures Which are more intricate in design and usually have a very limited run and can cost anywhere between $50 to $1000+, but usually run around the $100 to $300 range. Since they have a limited run and rarely get re-released they many times skyrocket in value on the second hand market. Scale figures are usually advertised as anywhere between 1:12 to 1:1 in size with 1:7th being the average. The difference between a scale figure and a cast off figure is the cast off figure usually has removable parts that can be swapped out such as clothing that can be removed. Cast off Figures lean more towards the ecchi side of the scale for that reason. Scale figures also focus mainly on popular or waifu type characters, side characters or more obscure characters rarely are made (but never say never).
Scale figure example:

Or do you prefer more Mid tier figures like Pop Up Parade. ( I can’t think of any other examples of mid-tier). Pop Up Parade line is made by several manufacturers, mostly by Max Factory or Goodsmile Co. though. The price range of Pop Up Parade figures is roughtly around the $50 mark at release on average but can be lower or higher. The range and scale of the Pop Up Parade figures all seem to be the same scale across all the figures, but they do cover many shows and characters and are not afraid to give a more obscure character from a show or game a figure. The sculpt and paint is more detailed and better then Prize figures overall but less detailed then scale figures. Most Pop Up Parade figures have an hexagonal base. Pop Up Parade figures tend to get re-released depending on the demand of the figure as well.

Next is is the mid step between toy and figure, with nendoroid’s, They are a more chibi super deformed version of characters but cover a vast wide variety of shows and are much more customizable and come with many parts and accessories most the time and swappable faceplates. The price range is usually in the ballpark of $50 a figure, but could be less or more based of popularity of the character or number of parts and customization available. Nendoroids and typically have a limited run at first but and prone to getting re-releases down the road which is helpful for people to get a figure they wanted without paying second hand market prices.
Example is a re-release of Lina Inverse I preordered myself:

Next is your typical high end Japanese action figures such as Figma, SHFiguarts, or Revoltech. These are typical highly posable action figures that are super detailed. These are action figures marketed towards adult collectors mostly. Typically you can switch hands, heads, faces, and other parts and they come with several accessories. The prices can range from low to very high in price but the average price is around the $50 range. I have a few Figma’s and SHFiguart figures myself, but only a few.
Example is a Chainsaw Man Denji Figma figure:

Lastly is GK’s or Garage Kits, they can be licensed releases or custom non-licensed fan kits, Typically they are rough model kits your have to buy and put together and paint yourself. I’m not talented enough to do that myself, but I own a few that were professionally painted and put together. Prices are all over the place for these kits can can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on how intricate the model is. Since you put them together they are more customizable then normal figures, and they tend to have more obscure figures released or produced in GK form as well.
Example is a Rachnera GK, (I own this one but mine was professionally put together and painted):

Lastly is your typical knock off or bootleg figures, they are usually on the cheaper end of the figure collector end since they are not licensed or fakes of an legit product. Quality control is all over the place with these figures and some may look decent while others look like hot garbage. Collectors usually avoid these figures in general, but not always as sometimes the knockoff looks decent enough and is a much cheaper option then a fairly pricey scale figure. In general knockoffs are illegal to sell second hand or even first hand and the producer does not have the license to produce the product or is faking a legit product. Knockoffs and bootlegs are typically found on sites like Wish, Aliexpress, ebay, etc, and are typically produced in china with stolen molds. The difference between a knockoff and a bootleg is that a knockoff will copy an already existing figure and sometimes make minor changes to the figure as well, bootlegs usually are unique products based on an anime or game but made and sold without acquiring the license to do so. Technically TOB figures are bootleg, but since they do not claim to be the character or show on the package of the figure anywhere and instead are based on fan art (usually by C.C.R. Sia) instead of copyrighted work, they walk a legal grey area. GK’s do the same thing at times.

Typically I have figures covering most the categories listed, But these days I’m finding myself more attracted to Pop Up Parade figures (I own 15 currently) as they typically give screen accurate figures even covering some more obscure characters from the line while not breaking the bank. But lately I’ve been getting more and more into Nendoroids as they are more customizable and take up much less space typically, I currently only have 3 of them (Saphentite Neikies, Inuyasha, and Nezuko) but I have a few more on the say I just bought (Aqua from Konosuba, Kemono Friends: Serval, and pre-ordered the re-release of Lina Inverse). I have about 9 scale figures with a 10th pre-ordered, but a vast majority of my collection consists of Prize figures thanks to my earlier collecting habits on Amazon and different subscription boxes like the Nihon Box. I also have lots of non-licensed figures thanks to TOB, but I still love them and at least they are not knockoffs.

Genuinely curious as to what type of figures your collect, or if I left any type out on this post that you collect, let me know!


My collections have varied over the years: Hotwheels
Farlane Toys (Interlink 6)
Spider-Man etc. In the early years

Into adulthood came the anime figures along side Optimus Prime (G1, Optimal Optimus, 20th(?) Anniversary, 2007 movie variant) and others, more recently “All GLORY to Liz and ToB”

Your thesis is well presented and readable. However, as with most internet based content, it would have served your monologue well to be broken into bite sized portions so as to maintain the attention of many readers who, likely as not, spend large quantities of time on their phone. For instance this entire post is being authored upon mine. More than that, if you are editing your post upon your computer a plethora of illustrations to accent your points along the way would have permitted you to extend each paragraph while maintaining the length of each topic. Formatting dissertations so as to appeal to the intended reader is essential. You are clearly passionate as to the nuances of this discussion. While I, myself, am not blind to the interest which can be applied, (my most desired piece, is a 1:6 Samus), I lack the finances to invest in even the least of these ventures beyond that which is supplied by Liz, and The Otaku Box. Your added images are largely blind, id est, connecting them to the topic with which they apply is dubious, within the available screen I have at the very least. I was forced to go back thrice to confirm. Insight as to where I erred is encouraged from all corners. Please do not feel discouraged (any and all), as I have oft made poor decisions with my critiques and am far from perfect.


I have a mix. I don’t look at the mfr when I get one. I look at the subject, then try to find one from a fairly reputable source (after having been burned a few times by Amazon scam sellers). Then I look at shipping costs. (“$200 to ship to the US? AND the horse you rode in on!”)


If its worth it, its worth it. Subjectively tho i like static figures from the games and anime i grew up with with a twist…e.g. i have a female Terry Bogart from the fatal fury game on the way.


Or like beesties my little ponies. Turning them into bishoujo style.


I don’t collect anime figures. I only collect Star Wars. However, if there were some anime figures, I want is Yoshika Miyafuji and Mio Sakamoto from Strike Witches.


Nice guitar, I also have a red one haha. Just like the emoji :guitar:


It’s a Fender Squire. It’s a candy-apple red.


SuperHeroes :slightly_smiling_face:

I have this Sparta Btaman


paris hilton thats hot GIF


I used to be very into Play Arts. They were doing lots of movies, comics, games and anime stuff but lately they are more focused on their own brand (Final Fantasy figures). I Would love to get a Sephiroth !


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Ok on the real…i love all of them…but what i really lov is making them better …new paint new parts…i mean yes og is best of course…but dont we all grow evolve in to something else…level up if you will a lot of my figs Are on a higher plane…i hav fun with them… I mounted the cowardly lion.

Hell i even made spawn fall


Loving the cowardly lion! McFarlane should take a risk and continue these series with more fairy tails re-imagining.


Are they from star wars? Got a star wars guy i can ask.