Anyone else having issues with Crunchyroll not working on Roku? What do you use to stream or watch your anime on?

For the past week I’ve been having issues where the Crunchyroll App on my Roku Box is not working properly. To be more specific, videos on the App are not loading and just shows a forever loading circle with a black screen and the name of the episode in the upper left corner. The App itself will load just fine, its just the videos not loading.

I’ve tried uninstalling the App and reinstalling it, resetting my internet connection, checking to see if the App it up to date (it is), clearing the cache on my Roku Box, even moving the App to a new location (that sometimes works for some reason). I’ve even Factory reset my Roku box (pain in the ass to do, as you got to set it all up again from scratch). None of these issues have had any effect on the issue at hand, and the issue has been going on for about a week.

I’ve looked online and it appears I’m not the only one with this issue either.

(not my video btw, just using it as an example)

I heard rumor the issue is only with Roku after they did an update and it’s not effecting anything else. I also heard it only affects Dubbed streams (haven’t tested this yet).
I prefer to watch my anime dubbed and hadn’t even trying checking subbed streams yet myself.

I prefer to watch my anime in my Living Room comfortably on the couch on my big TV, but the only way to do that is with my Roku Box. If I’m gonna be forced to watch it on my computer, I may as well cancel my streaming service and hit the high seas since I’m already on my computer. I would prefer to keep it legit, but if this persists much longer I may be force to cancel and don the Jolly Rodger once again.

I guess letting Monopolies form has consequences. I would still be using mostly Funimation if the service wasn’t basically discontinued and pointless to have now. I don’t know why Sony chose to keep using the janky Crunchyroll App when Funimations App was much easier to use with less problems and more stable with a much better user experience overall.

Besides Crunchyroll I also subscribe to HiDive, and I still buy the occasional Blu-ray for my collection, used to have Funimation as well till the merger made it pointless to have both. used to use VRV as well sill Crunchyroll kicked HiDive off the platform right before the merger making VRV more pointless as well and more expensive then just having Crunchyroll by itself.

I just wanna watch the new Dubbed episodes of my shows “The great Jahy will not be Defeated”, “Chainsaw Man”, “Beast Tamer”, etc. :sob:


So many of these don’t work properly anymore or have just a few seasons. If anyone has a suggestion on where to watch it, please suggest one. There is 9anime and 4anime, but these are pain in so many ways.


I have to use the actual Crunchyroll app for my phon/iPad. Since they don’t make the app for the LG tv. But then I also I have it on my PS5, witch is downloadable in the store for free. Not sure if it’s on the Xbox or not. If this helps at all. I’ve never actually has an issue with the videos doing what you stated. I have had that happen with the funimation but once Crunchyroll and funimation combined I got rid of the funimation.

I do know that if you have the app on your phone you should be able to start it on there and then have it window to your tv. I have an iPhone.

There are plenty of sites you can go to that are free like animixplay though I don’t think they are current with the dubbed. I’m not a subbed watcher so yeah. Hope this helps.

The great Jahy will not be Defeated is an awesome anime. I have the figure pre ordered. Supposed to come out this month but I think it got pushed back. Whenever I need to be humbled I watch this anime, I truly feel her struggles, just a really good anime


I use Crunchyroll too and I have installed the app on my Xbox so I stream everything straight from the app! It never gave me any problem like this other than sometimes I have to keep reloading the same episodes few times for it to start! I actually realised sometimes it doesn’t let me load any episode and the trick I found to fix it is to load a one piece episode, somehow that one always loads and then it let me loads everything else :joy: not sure if this might be of any help! I don’t use any other streaming platform other than sometimes Netflix! :v:


Yeah from what I gathered the problem is isolated mainly to Roku Boxes and Roku integrated TV’s. I guess I could hook up my PS4 again, but I shouldn’t have to.

Crunchyroll has always been a shitty company, and it sucks they became a monopoly in the anime industry for distribution in the US.

Like I said I’ll give them a weak, if no fix by then I’m canceling my subscription and hitting the high seas since I gonna use my computer or hook up my PS4 again anyway. (certain pirate sites work with the PS4 web browser btw, used to stream kissanime on it all the time before it got shut down).


The thing is they have the monopolio also in the UK, I am currently travelling around Asia and literally Crunchyroll is the most useless app they have like only 40 shows in it everything else is all on Netflix which is honestly so much better (simply because I use the account of a friend so I don’t pay for it :joy::joy:)


I just use my Samsung smart Tv in the past i used my Xbox but it had problems sometimes if you have a smart Tv just use that. My parents have a rouku and it happens alot. Is your rouku new or the old model? That could make the difference


So I paid for all the streaming services but I find myself watching on illegal sites more often than not because I like the interface so much better than what crunchyroll, hidive, etc… has to offers. The fact I can switch between sub and dub without backing out and changing “seasons” or that I can skip the intro. They even highlight the filler episodes for you and make it easy to search by multiple genre at once. Plus it is nice having a calendar or time-line of which episodes are releasing on which day. It’s crazy how a site that is free does such a better job than a company that makes millions a year off of subscribers.


Just an update, the Crunchyroll App was fixed today on the Roku Box. I was finally able to get caught up on my shows again. I was gonna wait till Saturday and cancel my sub to the streaming service it it wasn’t fixed by then.

Well its fixed and working again with no issues so I was able to watch the second episode of Chainsaw Man dubbed and the episodes 15 and 16 of The Great Jahy dubbed. So I guess I’m not canceling my sub to the service after all. :grin:


Glad you got it al figured out and running. Jahy has been waiting for you. Lol.


I was having that issue, too, but it worked last weekend. Hopefully the glitch is fixed. I’ve had no issues with HIDIVE.


From what ive noticed crunchyroll has playform issues. So on PC it works perfectly 99% of the time. I typically use my xbox series s but its a hit or miss whether the shows/movies load. And on TVs (i used a roku tv) i wouldnt recommend


Try hidive i use them when crunchyroll is not working on my roku tv. Hidive is and app you can download with roku.


I normally just use my computer but sometimes I use Roku.


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I have the FUNimation, Crunchyroll and HI Dive apps on my phone and laptop no issues with either of them.