Conjutsu Aug 19-20

Conjutsu is a super small convention that just had its third year held outside Fairfax, VA.

I got to volunteer and help by being the guest handler for Kristi Rothrock. Some may be familiar with her work as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s Illulu, Combatants Will be Dispatched’s Rose, and Dr. Stone’s Minami.

The con is still trying to find their footing. They had the back rooms of the ground floor of the hotel along the hallways while the main atrium was hosting wedding parties. After the registration desk, you would come across the Artists Alley, the panel room, Magic: the Gathering tournament room, games room, and then across the hotel exit hallway to the Dealers Room, where we were.

So many people had already spent any money they had in Artists Alley and many didn’t even know we were back there. Kinda hurts one’s feelings, and I’ll leave it there…

The con is trying, and will eventually find the right format.


It looks nice… :heart_eyes:


That is super cool! Your smile says it all


She could appreciate the classic games. And I was really glad I could help her through a tough weekend.

Many people were not familiar with Chef Mario, some even said “One day, you’ll get your own game!”, apparently unaware of Yoshi’s Cookie.


Woooow, I might need to show up to the next one to make sure that is corrected lol