My DIY Display Case Journey

So I thought this would be something some of you might be interested in so I’ve decided to document my attempt to build my own display cases!

I’ve been planning it now for a while and picked up a few of the smaller items I’d need over the last couple weeks and today I took the day to buy everything else I need except for the light setup which I plan on ordering later tonight or tomorrow.

I’ll post pictures along the way and if anyone has questions or suggestions feel free to throw them out there!


Day 1: Assembling the shelving system.

I decided to go with a couple of Walmart muscle racks side by side for the main frame of the case. My plan is to enclose this in acrylic and eventually swap out the shelves for 1/2” thick acrylic shelves so that the shelves do not obstruct the view of the figures.

For now I bought some black bed sheets that I will wrap the shelves in until I can get everything else done. I also bought some 1/8” fiberboard sheets to use as a backing for the shelf which will also get covered with the bed sheets to give a totally black background and shelving.

But it’s late and that sounds like a good job for tomorrow evening haha! Be back tomorrow with updates!

Pics of my current case for comparison and just because :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So may I ask how many man hour went in to building the case.


@Moxie the new shelf’s I put together last night in about 20-30 minutes. Simple snap together bolting system. The man hours are sure to come though especially with the lighting job I want to do with it.

Next step is to cut the fiberboard to fit each shelf space backing and covering them with the bed sheets. I’m aiming to seal the back from any dust by inserting the fiberboard inside the shelving to close up all the slotted holes on the corner posts while giving it a sexy black backing :face_exhaling:.


Not bad, I wanted to do something like this but then I remember I work to much so it would be a very long process But still really great work


Nice well whenI get home next week I have astorage building I need to put together for all my stuff.


@tconlon89 That is such a great idea and the cases are looking great! I think I might try to do something similar as it would be much cheaper to do it and the results are great!


@MageHeart Thanks! Yeah time is pretty scarce on my end too, I’m gone for 12hrs a day and then I’m full time single dad so I don’t get much time to myself haha. Kids are with their mom for part of the summer break so I figured now’s the time to grind and get it done!


@AfroGato I can’t take full credit for the idea, I’ve been watching diy builds on YouTube for a minute now I’m just incorporating the same concept but with what I think would look and do the job the best I can afford!


Looks amazing.


DAY #2: Cutting backing boards for the case and sheets to cover the backing and shelves.

Got a late start last night so didn’t get as much done as I wanted but I did get all of the backing boards cut to size.

I’m using an 1/8” fiberboard and cutting it to size for each shelf space backing. The shelf unit is a 5 tier shelf if you count the very top shelf but I’m only using 4 of the shelves which includes the top. I wanted to have a case with big enough spacing that I can put 1/4 scales in with no issues and still be able to see them with no problems.

So I needed 6 backing boards in total and i was able to cut the black bed sheets to size right away as well. I’ll be covering the backing boards and shelves with the bed sheets. Get them nice and tightly fit and stapled. I just threw them on wrapped around the boards to give an idea of how it will look.

Next step will be to get all the boards and shelves wrapped up and looking nice. The backing boards will be going on the inside of the shelf and I will then seal the outside up around the backing boards to keep the dust from coming in through the back.

More to come once I get that going!


Days 3 & 4: PURE CHAOS

well that sums it up haha :rofl: didn’t get a whole lot done these last two days, my best friend and his family were home for the last week and I don’t get to see him that often with our schedules so time was spent hanging out.

Covered a few more back panels with bed sheets on day 3. Then this last evening my kids had soccer games so went and did that but when I got back home I started working on the shelves.

Before I cover the shelves i decided to go ahead and start cutting out the corners to fit the aluminum v-channel I’ll be using to house the lights! This will be time consuming but I know it will turn out looking even better this way.

When I did the lights on my last case which had glass shelves I ended up making jumper cables and using some jump strips to connect the lights from shelf to shelf and even though I was happy with how it turned out I don’t really like how the corners on the front look with the cabling…

I think fitting the channel into the corners on this new one will look much better and am excited to see how it turns out!


Day 5: Shelf work

Finished cutting the corners on the first shelf and wrapped it In the bed sheet to test the fit of the channel. Tornados forming in the vicinity so decided to keep watch and called it a night!


Busy busy weekend but managed to find a little time to finish up the backing and shelves for the first rack! Had a bit of rework to do with the bedsheet coverings on the shelves to get them to stay nice and snug but it was totally worth it! Also got all the corners of all the shelves cut out to fit the v channel for lighting.

Next step is to repeat the process for the second rack and then on to cutting acrylic sheets!


Last night I finished touch ups on covering and fitting all the shelves and backboards for both racks and moved onto cutting the acrylic panels….

Acrylic - 1
Tommy - 0

:expressionless::persevere: I cracked the first panel I tried to cut, didn’t score the acrylic deep enough and when I went for the clean break I ended up with a two inch long crack in my first shelf panel.

Well I guess I have a practice panel to figure out how deep I need to score them before they break clean


It looks great so far can’t wait to see the finesh product.


Looking great so far, can’t wait to see pics of it done! Please post your collection!


That bites. Save it for smaller projects, though.


@Moxie thanks I’m already drooling over it haha, still need to bite the bullet and order everything I need for the lighting setup, that will be the icing on the cake

@AfroGato i will definitely be showing off the collection with a grand reveal at the end once I have everything finished up!!

@Beestie i plan on using it for a picture frame that recently had glass break and any other small projects that come up!


So I guess I just suck at trying to use an acrylic knife and scoring cuz guess what happened!

It was cleanly breaking in my scored line and all of a sudden she snapped and went waaaay off course…

The next piece I just cut with a hack saw…took awhile but it was a clean cut lol. Gonna test a jig saw and a circular saw on one of the messed up pieces to see how that cuts and go that route instead.

With this long holiday weekend I’m going to try and pick up another sheet of acrylic tonight and get all the acrylic work done over the next few days!