Setsucon 2023!

And the week after MAGFest, I’ve got Setsucon in Altoona, PA! January 13-15. Current voice actor guests are Sarah Wiedenheft (Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Power from Chainsaw Man, Suika from Dr. Stone) and Aaron Dismuke (Alphonse from FMA, Senku from Dr. Stone).

Just ordered my Chaperone package and a hotel room so my son can join me. The onsite hotel room block is sold out, but I managed to get the hotel two minutes away.

Hoping I can be Ms. Wiedenheft’s guest handler again!


Unfortunately, my son came down with a fever, the kind not even Dr. Mario’s cowbell could fix. And with the ex-wife pulling shenanigans, there was no way to recover the effort.

Setsucon was fun. A bit smaller. I think they had about 2,000 attendees (big step down after MAGFest had just short of 19,000.

The big voice acting guests were Aaron Dismuke and Sarah Wiedenheft (Senku & Suika from Dr. Stone, Tamaki Amajiki and Pony Tsunotori in My Hero Academia), but we got a nice surprise when Ricco Fajardo (Taiju and Mirio) had a table there too!

I love how this picture is a great parody and still fitting for the theme of the show.

Sarah had already signed a bunch for me as her handler at Tekko, so I needed something for Auron. And it had to be Suika since Auron just started wearing glasses right before we met her. Sarah remembered me and it was great seeing her again.

I’ll be seeing Sarah and Aaron again at GalaxyCon Richmond in March, but Ricco will be at San Japan that weekend.


I would have liked to go to this one. I prefer the smaller venues, not a big fan of the big crowds.

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