Best places to get figures?

I’m new to figures, I currently don’t have any but did just order the box with the extra figure and the Rider Medusa figure. I wanna start collecting both SFW and NSFW of some of my favorite characters but don’t know where to look or what is good prices on them because I’ve seen some really expensive and some scary cheap.


It varies. I usually start looking with Amazon. But you can get crappy ones on there, too. Check consumer ratings on the vendors. I also use eBay a lot, again, checking ratings on the vendors.


Ok here is 4 places you can buy figures from that you know are legit and not knockoffs or bootlegs are these following sites:

The prices are in Japanese Yen but they also show the approximate USD price at the current conversion rate. All items ship from Japan, so shipping is higher and the shipping speed depends on the method used. On the plus side you can also buy used figures if available fairly cheaply. You never have to worry about getting a knockoff either as all items are vetted thoroughly. Buying from them can be a bit different as you place your order, and anywhere from 1 to 3 day later AmiAmi will send you a confirmation email with the price, then you go back to the site, choose your shipping method, and pay for the item. AmiAmi does take PayPal for your convenience. The fastest shipping seems to be though DHL, with DHL I’ve received my order literally the next day from Japan, but DHL is a bit on the pricier side. Also if you cancel too many orders that you make, or never pay for any orders or preorders, AmiAmi will ban your account (I’ve never had that issue but I’ve heard of them doing it to others).


The next site is

They only sell legit figures there as well and sometimes they sell them used as well. I’ve only ordered from them once, and shipping was rather slow as well since they ship from Japan using Japan Post and FedEx. Prices are in USD though. I do know they are legit and a good site to use, as I know many have ordered from them with no problems and highly recommend them.


The only other site Japanese site I’ve ever used for figures was…

Prices are in USD and the Japanese Yen. I’ve only ordered from them once due to having a 1000 yen discount code I wanted to try. YattaJapan is owned by the NihonBox company, which is another Japanese subscription box company I already subscribe to. I get these discount codes for 1000 yen in ever box, I usually give the code away on my Instagram review these days but wanted to try the code out on their site to see if it works first. Had no issue using it, and it saved me on shipping. Shipping is about as slow as you expect from Japan Post and FedEx, taking several weeks to ship from Japan to the US. The site sells a wide varaity of japanese items, but figures are its main draw. No bootlegs or knockoffs here either, everything is legit!


The next site is…

The prices are decent for new stuff and they don’t sell bootlegs or knockoffs, shipping can be free if the item is over a certain threshold, and shipping is typical US speed. My biggest gripe with them is how the warehouse packs the items. I’ve had damaged items (the boxes get damaged in shipping) every time! They just seem to throw items in a box that is too big with hardly any padding, typical of US warehouses these days. If you’re not worried about the box, they are fine. I’ve used they 3 times in the past.


Next isn’t your typical figure shop, but they are legit!

This is a specialty shop that sells mainly Garage Kits (GK’s) and items related to them. They do sell a few figures but they are not the main focus. Garage Kits are basically like 3d printed model kits made of resin that you put together yourself and paint yourself. High Skill level hobby. Now they do sell GK’s fully put together and Pre-painted by a separate company they partner with called Gathering. They can be a quit expensive. Pre-orders are sold in batches and can take a very very long time to get your order from them as they have a quota on pre-order items before they begin production. I’ve ordered from them several times and figures can take sometimes over a year to arrived, as your order isn’t produced until the quota is filled and then there is the time for manufacturing and painting, then shipping from China. My Rachnera figure took over a year to arrive!
here is the three figures I’ve gotten from them in the past, and I currently have 3 figures pre-ordered from them. This site requires deep pockets and lots and lots of patience.

Lastly is your typical Ebay and Amazon.
Though you have to be careful ordering from either sites and know what your looking for, as they are both filled with bootlegs and knockoffs as well as legit figures.
Only order from trusted manufacturers, and if the price is too good to be true… it’s most likely a bootleg or knockoff. Plus shipping is all over the place as Ebay shipping is based on how the person selling packs their items for shipping, and Amazon is just as bad if not worse then Crunchyroll with how they box and ship items. My last figure from Amazon literally only arrived in a bag with the figure box beat the hell in shipping! luckily it was a cheap figure and the figure itself was not broken. Knowledge and common sense is key to buying figures from those two sites.


Awesome, definitely gonna check these out on pay day :joy:


So I get all my figures from Solaris Japan and AmiAmi, they are Japan company’s so you will have to pay for shipping and hedeling fees …. Not cheap. I will say that the packing I g is du far the best I’ve ever seen, and all the figures I have been of good quality and no damage to either the figure or box


Also when it comes to used figures from AmiAmi, 9 times out of 10 the figure is actually brand new and never removed from the box, they were just in someones collection unopened.


RightstuffAnime usually has some decent figures and other merch


They were bought by Sony last year and is being integrated into the Crunchyroll store. So rightstufanime is basically part of the Crunchyroll Store now.

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I Tokyo Otaku Mode has good stuff, you can even choose to just buy from their U.S. warehouse.


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