Birthday box?


So, I had been thinking… Otaku box already does little special add-ins for things like what tier you are, specials for new subscriptions… I was thinking it might be cool to add something for the birthdays of legendary tier subscribers. At the point where you’re legendary tier, you’re guaranteed your birthday will come up at some point during the box (so it’s worthwhile recording as opposed to the other tiers) so getting some kind of a nod would probably feel pretty nice.

I doubt it would be feasible to, like, include something from one of the box owner’s favorite anime considering that would mean individually packing per box per person, and that would probably get… Crazy… after a bit… But maybe a little cute birthday themed keychain or similar small item that could be kept in large quantities so it wouldn’t get overwhelming on the production end.


I got a cute little cupcake keychain on my birth month if that means anything.


Me too, I got the cake day key ring as well.


Well damn I did not lol


Hi :liz_hi: Thank you so much for the suggestion! However, I already include a birthday keychain for those legendary subscribers who have a birthday for that month. If you are a legendary subscriber and haven’t provided your birthday. Please email me your birth date (MM/DD/YYYY), and I’ll add you to my list! You can contact me directly at - Liz🌸


Ohh is for legendary only?? :pleading_face: I had my bday in Dec and never got it and I reach out to support with no response, but I thought it was for any member that had bday that month :confused: