Miia is Coming!

So today the Otaku Box is shipping out. I place two separate orders. Both were ordered on April, 1

The first order was the monthly Otaku Box with the Miia figurine along with the “ecchi” content that I chose. It’ll be here in 2 weeks just like how all the other Otaku Boxes have come in.
The second order was just a figurine of “Ezra Bunny” from Fairytale as a add on.

I’m more than likely just overthinking and being impatient about this but just to double check. They both have different order numbers.
The monthly Otaku Box order says it’s been fulfilled and I have the tracking number while the other order with the “Ezra Bunny” figure says unfulfilled and no tracking number has been shown.

I don’t know if I just need to wait later today or the following week for a update on the Ezra shipment but the fact that it still says “unfulfilled” for her but not the monthly box worries me slightly as I think this could be the same issue with the Esdeath box where a mistake was made. Do I need to contact Liz about this or Do I patiently wait for the next ship date for a update on Ezra? I don’t want to seem like I’m bugging her for a minor issue that she could be annoyed with.

Deep apologies for making this long, I was trying to shorten it but since there’s individuals on here who could know more about this than I do I figure I’ll ask here first.


They just shipped out today, tracking has always been an issue as not all my tracking numbers have always updated. Give it time to see if they arrive, if they don’t arrive by the 24th of next month then contact support and they will resolve the issue, usually by sending it out again. Liz will have plenty of stock on those figures, usually to offer as incentives for new subscribers or to sell on their own on the website.

But like I said the tracking numbers have always sucked overall.


In my experience, when you order extra stuff. You’ll recieve a bigger than normal box with Ezra inside along with the monthly items.