Question about tracking

Hi all im new to otaku box mine was shipped a few days ago but when I track my shipping order it just says order information received is this normal ?


Welcome to the forums. Yes, give it a couple days and it will start moving.


Welcome to the community @majorjamesfox , also the tracking system really kind of sucks and isn’t very reliable overall. My rule of thumb is if the box hasn’t arrived by the 24th of the following month to contact support and get it resolved.

I’ve had boxes that for some reason tracking went to europe, or said it was delivered when it hasn’t, or even said it was still in China while my box had already been delivered to me and in my hands. Tracking really isn’t The Otaku Boxes fault, as it is really the delivery services piss poor tracking updating system and completely out of The Otaku Boxes hands.

One thing I can tell you is every box did arrive! some faster then others, some took almost to the 24th deadline, but they all arrived eventually! I’ve been subbed for almost 5 years come June myself.


Ive had boxes say on the website that they weren’t fulfilled and not give me tracking and i recieved the box a week or two after they were supposed to be shipped


Welcome to the forum @majorjamesfox
Your spiral has begun :rofl::ok_hand: