Most Surprising Anime/Manga Find

While I am not at all the target market for it, I accidentally discovered the “Kase-san and…” series several years ago. A buddy of mine was moving and said, “Here, you like this stuff” and handed me volume 1 “Kase-san and Morning Glories”. I shrugged and read it and was pleasantly surprised.

Despite being a totally Yuri manga, I found the characters to be quit charming and the art style entertaining. Hiromi Takashima’s skill with faces is especially good. Since then, I’ve read all seven volumes and have #8 on pre-order.

So what unexpected gem did you discover?



At first, before watching and reading, I thought it was just another Netflix animation that doesnt inspire me. Then it kinda grew on me.
A couple of weeks before Season 2 released, I watched it early on a Japanese site. It attracted me to a now “Need To Know” state.
So I bought the entire set of Manga to see if it had any secrets that might have been forgotten between Translation Transitions of page to screen. And now I cant wait for the final season to release on Netflix.
This also includes Beast Complex for it is the prequel and/or sequel that released before and after the Beastar Manga set.
All this was my first time buying an entire manga set because I liked the show.


It was the ghost in the shell series. I had watched the original and wasn’t too blown away by the art style or storyline. Then came stand alone complex and 2nd gig. Once I started it was like I had to have more, the art, the digital future, etc. I’ve loved that series and still do to this day.


@RayneShadow What did you think of prequel series?


Was that the 3D one Netflix did? I loved the way the story went, I wasn’t ready for the complete switch to 3D but I feel that nailed it.