Music is life

Do you have any photos? I wouldn’t mind some exclusive behind the scenes photos like I’ve seen from other people who worked with bands.


This just popped up in random on my YouTube feed.


Ok I’m about to set off to go see this show tonight.

Pics when I get back, unlike someone else who makes claims and never backs it up with pics, lol.


Ooh, enjoy! Not only is this a band I’ve actually heard of, I like them, too!


Ok Pictures incoming, no video since the file size is too big to upload and I don’t feel like editing the video, you can look the bands up on YouTube if you want to experience their music.

First up was Oceans of Slumber

To be honest I went into this show blind as I knew next to nothing about any of these bands other then Lacuna Coil which I heard a few times and enjoyed.
Oceans of Slumber wasn’t for me, they were fine, just not my style of music.

Next up was New Years Day

They were a bit better then the first band and a enjoyed what I heard, but I’m not going out of the way to listen to them on my own. I did like her energy!

Last is the Main event Lacuna Coil

Love the preformance! They were by far the best band there! Christina’s vocals are amazing! Also later on the singer from New Years Day came out and join in on one of the songs!

Lastly just a picture of me and my roommate who I went with.

On a side note, I seen a girl at the concert walking around in an “Otaku University” shirt that came from the Otaku Box, lol. If your on this forum speak up! How did you like the show?