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Good evening fellow anime lovers. I’m here with a question as I am confuse. On the Otaku Box website when you can purchase your plan it says “3 Boxes” with 4 free items along with 3 figures in the first box. Can anyone please explain what does that mean? If I select that plan will I have the same thing in all 3 boxes for that month or will all 3 boxes have different things inside of them throughout 3 month of me purchasing them? I’ve been selecting the “1 Box” plan to be on the safe side in case if there was an error when it arrives and I’ve been enjoying collecting the Otaku Box so I want more but I don’t know if the “3 Box plan” would be better just yet. Any feedback would be very appreciated.


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I’m going to let one of the SR admins answer rhis.

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I also have a question as to how the VIP items work. I’ve already past my 6month mark and I got the paper saying I was a VIP subscriber but I don’t think I got the VIP item for the January box.
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Never mind I found it on the FAQ finally. VIP is only permanent after a year
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I’m not a mod and had the same question and it was answered.

The free figure thing was just a one time promotional for new subscribers, so the next 2 boxes you’ll get the one figure plus the 3-4 awesome anime loot each month.