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I am a new subscriber looking for some answers. I an curious on how you find out the boxes contents before the new monthly subscription is charged. And am wondering if i can skip a box without getting rid of my subscription.


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Not sure about skipping a box, I’ve never done that and to be honest I’m not sure if you can without unsubscribing.

As for finding out the content of what’s in the box, follow The Otaku Box on social media, as they leak items there frequently like the figure each month. But for the most part the box is a surprise each month, kind of the purpose of a subscription box.

You could ask support for more details at as most of us on the forum are users like you and have nothing to do with the subscription box side of the business, that includes most us mods.


Welcome to the forum @SwordofBOOM ,

Like Zoysite13 said for the most part the only items we know that will be in the box is the scroll, T-shirt, Figurine but the rest is basically up to what you choose when check the type of Waifu or Anime from that Liz has a selection of items that goes into your box, some stuff like the new card everyone gets.


Welcome to the forum, @SwordofBOOM . It’s a surprise each month. One or two items get leaked, but mostly we have no idea what is coming. I believe the only way to skip is to cancel as Zoy said.


Hey @SwordofBOOM , if you want to check in on early items, TOB normally advertises on Facebook and Instagram some previews before they are released. I have seen some of the figures advertised on IG before the box arrived, that’s if you are into spoilers of course.

As for you skipping a month, your best bet would be to contact support and state the issue. @Zoysite13 linked the email already so use that one. Just a heads up, you may need to email twice to get it through.

Wish nothing but the best


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I myself am not great with answering a question such as that. I’ve been a customer for the Otaku Box for 3 years and I’m still vague to things such as that.