Tokyo Trip

Im going to tokyo in June/July and wanting to know the must dos and sees and attempt to fit in as much as possible. Would love any and all suggesgions :3


Welcome, Tedy!! And I wish you a great trip! I sometimes watch those " X places you must visit in Japan", but I’ve never been there, so I’ll be waiting to see what others are going to say!


Well first off 100% jealous I wont hide that fact, Enjoy it though make sure to comeback and tell us how it was!


Welcome to the community @Tedy
Glad you get to go on a trip and to Japan at that. Congrats have a good time and take a ton of pics.

Sorry I couldn’t give good advice I’ve never been personally. Well not as an adult. As a kid in the early 90s I went to Okinawa as a school trip. My dad was stationed I Korea. S


As someone who went to Japan, there are some things that might sound silly, but to some people they mean a lot, so I will do my best to mention them, if you have any questions, just let me know :star_struck:

  1. If you like your 3ply toilet paper, bring it with you, in Japan the paper is so thin, its see-through (and prepare to use a very interesting japanese toilet with sprinklers that wash your behind, its truly the cleanest and most effective way to clean after no2)

  2. Dont walk and eat, and dont be loud in public transport, or anywhere else, if you can. Japanese are scared easily.

  3. Dont tip, they will chase after you to return the extra money you left

  4. Dont touch anyone, and make sure to say “sumimasen” or “anno” kinda loudly if you want to ask someone about something.

  5. Restaurants NEVER change orders for you. The orders are always as they are on the menu. So if you ask them to change the order, remove an ingredient or anything, you will get a : “We dont do it here”

  6. Alergies and intolerances: if you are alergic, you will need to bring your own food, or look for places that hold the food you are allowed to eat. I have insulin problems, and I barely found and wholegrain bread. EVERYTHING has hidden sugars…

  7. Convenience stores are great, you will find them everywhere and they have fresh meal that can be heated at the counter.

  8. Hotels usually dont have a restaurant. They will offer a microvawe in the lobby where you can heat up your convenience store-bought foods, and you can eat in your room (a mini fridge is a must in any room). If you have specific dietary needs, I recommend finding a homestay or an apartment with a kitchen. You will get bigger protions, healthier meals and a friendleir food for your budget.

  9. Eggs, meat and milk are super fresh, and are of top qualiry in Japan.

  10. Use ICOCA card for public transit. I use Google maps to tell me specific lines to take, and the card can be refilled with Cash on any station.

  11. Get a pocket wifi at the airport. Its a lifesaver

  12. Use cash only. Japan is super old-fashioned, and many places will have trouble accepting any forms of cards, or digital paymenr. If you however need to use a card, see if your card has a chip and can be inserted in the machine, so you can type in the PIN.

Those are on top of my head, feel free to ask if you have any other practical things in mind.

  1. Yup.
  2. They also do it. But only when they are in hurry.
  3. I did leave a tip and everyone was Ok with it.
  4. Hm, they can make the change or provide you with another solution
    Pocket WiFI, It’s a MUST.

Food is extra fresh and you can find small places to eat everywhere.


Thank you sooo much :3 super happy to be here everyone seems so very welcoming and nice =]

I currently follow two people and have somewhat orangised my trip on what they have said mentioned. Theres just sooooo many cool places, I wanted to see other peoples input and try and make my trip a lil more personalised for me =]


I am soo excited but also super nervous, I was meant to be going with a friend but they dropped out so its now offically my first solo holiday to anywhere. I’ve also started learning Japanese to learn basic sentences and questions.

I will take all the pictures and videos and show everyone the cool things i found =]


I think this would have been easier to reply to begin with oops but

Thank you all for all the warm welcome messages! it was really nice to wake up to this morning =].
@somwhere please dont apologise very happy to have these warm messages especially being a little nervous about the trip its reasurring and very welcoming. I think the only place I went to with school was France which was lovely but would have preferred Okinawa i think. Ill take all the pictures and videos of everything I see =].

@Celty thank you so much for this list!! I definitley didn’t know about the toilet paper so that’s a must to bring! maybe with some babywipes too :sweat_smile:
I’ve watched some of the do’s and do not videos and some of them have mentioned about the no eating and walking, that people will either stand still outside the place they got it from or wait until they get to the place of their destination. Iunno why but i found that one the most interesting.
Im a lil tub tub so I will probably eat anything and everything there I will need to remember the no tipping though i dont want to accidentally offend anyone by forgetting their customs.

I’m trying so hard to lean some basic Japanese to help with basic questions and to read/understand some signs ect so hopefully that will help with feeling a bit more at ease asking for help if i need it when im there.

‘I JUST WANNA EAT ALL THE THINGSSSSS’ and buy all the things too!!!


OH! Install the Google translate app on your phone! It can instantly translate any image, even while filming. Super convenient for products, signs, anything :smiley:


Thats something ive not actually done yet surprisingly! THANKYOU! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Japan has a very long somewhat violent and honorable history.

Some places only Japanese citizens are allowed to go into… sorry tourists

A lot of behaviors that are OK in the United States are not OK in Tokyo, so please be on your best behavior.

if you’re like me, and you have a bunch of tattoos, that can be bad. Tattoos in Japan, or normally tied to gang violence. (two of mine are from the US military and my ex girlfriend put another one 13 years later.)

just like the United States things can be a bit expensive in the city, so make sure you bring enough cash.

remember, some items are not allowed to be brought on an airplane and are considered contraband be aware of what is considered contraband before you even plan on leaving.


Thank you =] I know that there are a fair few differences which will be seen as weird/rude/inappropriate there compared to what they are like for me here in the UK and the US.

I have a anime/gaming tattoo sleeve on my arm and I know that tattoos there are still very much a taboo thing especially in places like hot springs, so I will probably buy some sleeve covers so I don’t upset anyone whilst there.

That is something I need to look into, what is and isn’t allowed to be transported back from Japan because I want to buy all the things for gifts or for myself :3

Thank you so much for the advice


Lol I have no suggestions but I just wanted to say that im jealous.


haha I’m sorry, ill be sure to take lots of pictures so everyone can live through them and see all the pretty things!


I’ve never been to Japan personally, so very excited to see what you all highly recommend and share the experience :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I plan to find a soft cuddly toy and take them everywhere with me and take pictures of it with scenary of everywhere ive been :). So hopefully lots of pictures for everyone


One tip… try everything. The food is just amazing. Do NOT eat western food. They don’t know how to make it. Everything Asian… go…


that looks soooooo good!!! i have food envy
minus going to starbucks when I arrive (I will arrive at 6am) for a nice coffee and to overlook scramble crossing, im planning to not have anything but local foods and the odd convini foods for cheapness and convenience.


Food is not expensive… you will spend more in Starbucks than in Japanese food restaurants… Depending on ramen or different dishes, prices are from 800 to 1500… They are present on every corner, and you can choose what you want to eat…