Why Anime? What got you hooked?

I was just wondering what got you hooked on anime why its the best and why you love it. I will go first i love anime cause it makes me happy and cheers me up i love the worlds it opens and adventures it give people sometimes make fun of the 35 year old that likes Cartoons but i dont care to me anime is more than that also its called Anime never cartoons but when i first watched anime it made mw happy in a dark time in my life so yeah. If you want no need to be personal but if you want let me konw anyone at all


Hahaha. Hey we are in the same boat. I got a couple years on you, I wouldn’t worry about what people think. Well I say that now. I took me many many years to be as confident about being in the genre and what not.

So for me it’s gonna have to be Yu Yu Hakusho, followed by dragon balll, and basically anything on Toonami. The OG toonami. Lol.


I was always into fantasy. Even when I could hardly read, I was interested in Space. Fantasy or SF movies in my time have been… well… crap. Technology just could not create certain things. On the other hand, Anime could visualize fantasy much better. Today, technology has improved but space is still presented as a flat board where space explorers still drive spaceships as a car, so Anime is still a better option.


Ten years ago (or so), I was skeptical about anime, but I was often given the opportunity to earn extra money by drawing anime commissions. Then, for the sake of my girlfriend, I watched a couple of her favorite anime and realized that in principle it is very exciting. And I like it. And now I’m here. Btw, as someone who studied art and philosophy at the university, I can say it is absolutely fine to like this type of art at any age, and those who say otherwise - have something wrong with their understanding


I cant put my finger on it, but I guess dark and twisted fantasy aesthetic, mixed in with shocking plot twists, and never knowing if things would end in tragedy. Cookie-cutter happy end stuff just didn’t work for me, and anime came in like what the doctor ordered.


Ever since I was little, it was always easy for me to get lost in my interests. Books, music, shows, even anime. It was like an adventure I could go on without leaving my home, making friends with people who I looked up to and even relate to, learning life lessons, all from the comfort of my home. For an hour of my time, I wasn’t just the loner average girl that stayed inside. I was going on missions with Naruto and them, finding sacred jewel shards with Inuyasha and Kagome, riding on a boat with the Strawhats, fighting hollows with Ichigo, etc. And in that time, I was happy.


Anime was a window into so many incredible Worlds! And I loved the “intensity” of it (especially the dramatic mise-en-scène and soundtracks).
A great Anime can make you experience such a WIDE range of emotions. Something that (in my opinion) wasn’t really a thing in Western “Cartoons” back in the 90s.


Toonami brings me back that was where i watched inuyasha and trigun good times


A movie i saw when i was little called Titan AE


Anybody here catch this when it was originally aired? ADULT SWIM: Original Bumpers (2001) - YouTube The finest animes were aired during that time: Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Samurai Champloo, Big O, FLCL, such fun!


Okay with this one I don’t want it to get too dark but for me anime is one of the only thing that really makes me feel alive or gives me really strong emotions, I’m a bit of an introvert so I struggle meeting new people but anime ever since I was younger had really helped me out coming out of my shell and opening up with others! I obviously dream of a love story pure and strong like the ones in the best romances which I will probably never get but still :joy: and honestly whenever people are making fun of me or you guys because you watch anime I kinda think is because they don’t really have something that they are so passionate about like we do ahah


As I said in my intro, I fell in love with it from Kimba the White Lion in the 60s, and Starblazers in the 70s.

Fell away from it in the 80s when I was in the military, partially from the stigma attached to it from others, and partially because I fell into D&D.

Doing my Christmas shopping for 2020, I was looking for a murloc figurine for my son-in-law and the 'Zon gave me a figurine of Anastasia from Idolmaster as an option.

“Ooh, hey–she’s kinda cute.” add to cart

That started me up with the anime figure collecting. I started a new job with a new company and one of our IT goblins is HEAVY into anime. I had been giving him a lot of the stuff from my Otaku box that didn’t mean anything to me. In return, he gave me the 1st box set of Seven Deadly Sins.

“Whoah! This is groovy!

Went on B&N for the 2nd box set, and got a listing for Monster Musume.

“What kind of sorcery is this???”

new kink unlocked

sheepish grin

Um, yup. I was hooked. :grimacing::bear:


Gundam really got me into anime tonbe specific, Mobile Fighter G was my intro to anime. After that I started to branch out and check out other anime at thatbpoint i was hooked I was watching whatever i could find buying what i could pretty sure the local FYE made a killing off me at the rate I was buying anime. I have loved it since then, its nice to come home and relax watching anime it brings out creative ideas i use to construct my own character.


Hmm… I was around 6 when I started watching anime so I’m not sure if there something missing in this story…

The first anime I remember watching, was Saint Seiya…

probably there were a few episodes of random shows I also watched, like Speed Racer… I don’t know… (I shouldn’t be watching speed racer because it was aired past midnight XDDD)

Anyway… At that age I could watch all kinds of cartoons, and although I would just watch almost anything, it were the ones with a deeper story that I would care more. Back then I didn’t know where the cartoons were from… If I liked it, I would watch again the next day…

So… Probably for me it was a mix of art, plot, moral values, action scenes… The only shoujo anime I remember, back then was Sailor Moon, there was Rayearth too as well but I was rarely at home on time to watch it… So I was often exposed to those manly teenagers (Saint Seiya, Yuyu Hakusho, Samurai Warriors, Shurato…) Protecting their friends and the world with laser beams XDDD

And then I discovered pokemon and the cute pets (with laser beams XDD) … AND then it was done… After a certain age I knew I would be made fun of no matter what I liked or did (for many different reasons) so I just went doing what I liked…


I like deepness and emotion that is always present in anime. It isn’t like in other cartoons… Can make you laugh, but also cry…


My friends got me hooked onto anime. It first started with someone I used to know who was born in Okinawa, Japan. She introduced us to different animes and Vocaloid. Ever since then, my best friend and I have been really into anime. I’ve been really into learning about the Japanese culture and watching all sorts of anime and learning Japanese!


I got into anime because it has a plot and continues like a regular show. I liked looking forward to the next episode watching the stories unfold. Anime made characters more relatable so you would actually feel sad when someone you liked died and you knew they weren’t coming back like IRL. Anime is my escape from this tortured reality, it something to keep me alive other than my cats. It fills my life with hope and wonder instead of just dwelling on my constant hip pain. Anime is just so much more engaging than cartoons. I also love the mastery of the artwork, it’s attention to details in every frame. I was 20 in 2001 when cartoon network was playing Dragon Ball Z.


I glad you all shared and I feel like i got to know you all a little better. Anime fans always stick together thank you and I hope more share soon


Hahah not to many member those days. Then again it just shows our age. Crazy how the times have changed for anime and what not.


I still get the occasional, “Oh, you’re one of those.

Yep. I’m a Steampunk, a Trekkie, and a Furry, too.

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